Pitch Battle – where’s the journey?

When I first saw the trailers for BBC One’s Pitch Battle, I was excited. My husband on the other hand said, ‘You’re going to want to watch that choir bol**cks, aren’t you?’

I have no problem admitting that I love to sing but I’ve always really enjoyed singing in choirs.  Singing in choirs gave me a sense of belonging, let me make friends and made me feel like I could just be myself in a safe environment.  I went back to singing in a choir at the age of 30 having been in a choir as a teenager and joined Rock Choir in Wimbledon. When I joined I was in a stressful job, working long hours and felt like I’d lost a sense of myself and what made me happy.

That’s where I think Pitch Battle failed. We got a slick Saturday night show, with great vocals,  impressive choreography and famous guest judges but where was the heart? We didn’t hear enough about what brought the groups together and got them singing. In Gareth Malone’s previous choir shows, like the Naked Choir we saw choirs struggle with the songs they were given, the people within the choir and how hard they had to rehearse. Which means the audience were invested in their final performance and really rooted for the choir they wanted to win. Sons of Pitches were the worthy winners of The Naked Choir and I feel that way since I saw their highs and lows and how they took on the judges advice and improved.

Pitch Battle was certainly entertaining (well for me it was, my husband hated it)! I loved the whole theatrical glitz it brought to choral singing and each choir felt like it had its own identity. However, I’ve heard it didn’t do that well in the ratings so it’s unlikely to come back for a second series.

Having a young child is currently stopping me from being able to go out to rehearsals in the evenings but I have a feeling that I will be back singing in choirs in the future and dragging the hubby and kids to watch me perform.

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