What Valentine’s day means to me.

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Having met the love of my life at the ripe old age of 32, I spent most of my Valentine’s days as a single girl and it doesn’t really bring back great memories. It was a constant reminder that I was without. Without a significant other, a plus one, a man in my life that had my back and accepted me for who I was.

Even though I’m (mostly) happily coupled up now, I still don’t feel comfortable celebrating Valentine’s day. It still feels like I’m flaunting my relationship and setting it on a pedestal. When in fact as we all know, marriage is HARD WORK. Especially once you’ve been together for a while and you find yourselves sniping at each other because he’s left stubble around the sink or I’ve ‘nagged’ him because he’s ducking next door to watch the Liverpool match (they have Sky). Once you pro-create you are too busy making sure the toddler isn’t climbing the TV stand to plan special Valentines Day meals or presents. Yes, this is my actual life at the moment. Why do toddlers want to break the most expensive thing in the room? Sorry, I digress.

For me Valentine’s Day means this. It’s a reminder that I should say ‘I love you’ to all the special people in my life, throughout the year. Actually, when they least expect it because that’s when it means something. When my husband said to me last week, that I looked ‘elegant’ in my work clothes, I was a bit surprised but it meant a lot, since it was off the cuff and he wasn’t saying it because the calendar told him to show me he loved me.

This year I want to do something for a two of my newly single friends because it’s a day when they may be feeling a bit low.  It might just involve sending some chocolate through the post but I want the gesture to say ‘You are loved and I’m thinking of you.’

When you think about it, it actually makes more sense to make a fuss of people who might be feeling low, might be on their own or are having a hard time on Valentine’s Day.  That’s when you really need to feel the love.

I will leave you with that and a link to some fabulous quotes on Pinterest about Valentine’s day, because who doesn’t love a quote!

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2 thoughts on “What Valentine’s day means to me.

  1. 2mysillymonkey says:

    So true! Never felt more aware that I was not in a relationship than when I was single on Valentine’s day. Hanging with my girlfriends during those times was uplifting and fun. Hope you get a date night soon! #fortheloveofblog

  2. Kelly Edwards says:

    You’re very right – we should be sharing our love more often and not just one day of the year (although I won’t say no to a nice little gift) 😉 Thanks for linking up to #fortheloveofBLOG

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